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Here is the latest from Rasmus Hedegaard.

When we are watching a sports competition, there is always a time where we pick a team. No matter what, we would support them by cheering on their game live or stay at home and watch the coverage of the game on the television or internet while hollering at the scream. One does not get too passionate every time there is a sports game. Sometimes we would go as far as buying different kinds of merchandise of our favorite team to show them and other people as well who you are rooting for. We would buy T-shirts, jackets, caps, ballers, key chains, anything with the team name, symbol or insignia on it.
There are times when we even post about our feelings towards a player or the game itself in social media sites. And if that’s not enough, we would write long articles and post it on blogs for everyone to see. You can also gauge their reactions based on their comments, either they sympathize with you or they felt insulted and outraged if they support the other team. But if you think that making a blog for your favorite team is hard, don’t worry! Don't know how to start a blog? We got you covered! You can post pictures, videos and articles about your favorite sports team in no time.

Hedegaard – To Drunk

Rasmus Hedegaard – Latest Hit: To Drunk:

10,000 hit in ONE DAY!

Whenever Rasmus introduce new music on YouTube, he will attract massive of views.

Here is another one, MoveBitch, that allready has 340,000 views:


Still the most seen Rasmus Hedegaard Remix Video is  Dr. Dre – The Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg (Hedegaard  Remix). See it again  below:



Attention: No longer Maintained